Toronto Home Organizing

You’ve daydreamed about perfectly lined bookshelves and drawers with those neat little organizers, every pen in its place.

Maybe you’ve bought the bins and labels too. You see the Ikea catalogue closet spreads and nearly weep. You would love to be that organized – and stay that organized – but you’re just so busy.

It’s okay. You don’t have to know where to start. And you don’t have to do it all yourself.

Whether you’re a homeowner swimming in clutter, or an office manager who knows work could be smoother with better organization and systems in place, fret not – help is at hand.

We could be a match made in heaven if you would really, really like:

  • To easily find what you’re looking for (even in the morning before coffee)
  • To make smart use of what storage space you have
  • To feel calm and serene and content in your space
  • To reflect your level of professionalism in your office environment
  • To reuse what you already have in clever ways (instead of buying more stuff)

The mission of the company is to assist overwhelmed individuals to banish clutter in homes and offices in order to simplify life, reduce stress and increase productivity.

We believe that clearing clutter in our homes and offices is like fresh air for the brain. A sweeping sigh of relief.

We believe in keeping things simple.

We believe in being tasteful and frugal.

We believe in repurposing what we’ve got in creative ways instead of filling landfills and buying stuff we don’t really need.

Laura Kay

I’m Laura Kay, principle owner of Toronto Home Organizing. I’m a Gold Leaf accredited professional organizer in practice since 2006 and completed a 4 1/2 year term as a Director of Chapters and Communications on the National Board of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) serving over 600 members across the country.  I was awarded with the POC’s 2015 Ambassador Award recognizing the contributions made as a mentor and to the professional organizing community.  Prior to this, I  served the Toronto chapter as Chairperson, overseeing a local membership of more than 130 professional organizers.

How Toronto Home Organizing can help you?

We love creating order from chaos for families and small offices. We offer:

  • Residential services for closets, rooms, home offices, garages and entire homes
  • Office services for small and not-for-profit organizations – from inventory to storage nooks to entire spaces
  • Downsizing & Move Preparation – helping you begin and coordinate the process of moving from one space to another.

Who we love to work with

Our clients tend to have a few things in common:
  • They’re overwhelmed but ready for change
  • They feel guilty or ashamed of their clutter (don’t be!)
  • They care about the environment and they’re naturally charitable
  • They are creative and open to trying new things
  • They don’t want to spend more money than necessary

Shall we get started?

Explore our organizing services for home and office or connect with me for a phone or on site consultation.

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