About Laura Kay

I was the youngest of five (the only daughter), and my mother ran our household much like a ship’s commander. To keep chaos to a minimum, she instilled a natural sense of order without our realizing it at the time. Firm rules abided – and were simply never questioned.

Skilled in the art of order from an early age, I went on to a 15-year career in production and administration within cultural and artistic non-profit organizations. I loved my work and enjoyed the environment but during a year overseas years later, with my husband and two sons, I had a personal epiphany. We took little else beside clothes and a computer and the result? We managed stupendously with a whole lot less! I wondered, “Why do we have houses full of so much stuff?”

That is the question that led me to a career change. I realized that as a professional organizer I could help people live and work more simply, more efficiently and more peacefully. I attained my Silver Leaf status (this designation recognizes industry members who have attained an elevated level of experience and expertise) and Trained Professional Organizer accreditation and have gone on to become Toronto Chapter Chair for Professional Organizers in Canada and a National Board member. I am also a subscriber to The Institute for Challenging Disorganization and have earned a number of their certificates.

When I’m not ordering files or rearranging kitchens, you might find me playing piano badly or out back, weeding in the flower garden or playing golf (also badly). I’ve been a book club member for 30 years (love to trade recommendations) and was a Toronto Humane Society volunteer until we adopted our own cat and could no longer foster. I love to travel and would like to see Asia and Africa. I also have an unabashed interest in people and their stories but matched with a deep respect for privacy.

My practice is based on living lightly, giving back and paying forward. We look for creative ways to use what my clients already own, buying as little extra as possible. When we’re finished a job, we deliver unneeded belongings to charitable organizations and also pledge a percentage of our profits to favourite causes.

Ambassador Award Proud recipient of the 2015 POC Ambassador Award in recognition to helping others and for representing POC in the community to the highest standards. ICD LOGO Foundation Certificate in Chronic Disorganization. Certificate of Study in Basic ADD Issues with CD clients. Certificate of Study in Time Management.
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