Office Organization Services

My office clients have often been not-for-profit organizations and have fewer than 20 employees. Often, there is no one who is responsible for order or creating processes or “stuff management.” Staff may leave and new employees inherit files and folders – and it all just piles up. Without protocols in place, storage space can run out quickly and chaos can set in. Without an inspiring space, productivity suffers. And you’re too busy doing good work to be slowed down.

NGOs and not-for-profits are often challenged with tight budget restrictions, high staff turn-over and second-hand office equipment that may have seen better days. These “limits” can also be creative opportunities. How can we re-use what you’ve already got in a practical and novel way? How can we highlight the character of your office by changing the placement of  furniture? What new processes could we set up to give us more time in a day to do the work we really love?

For office clients I help with:

  • De-cluttering
  • Filing systems
  • Paper management
  • Room & space planning
  • Furniture and equipment placement
  • Staff protocol handbooks
  • Better work conditions and environment
  • Sanity restoration

Every job is different. Let’s discuss yours and arrange an in-office consultation.

free the children logoWorking with Laura Kay was an extremely pleasant experience. Our office was experiencing a growth in staffing and on site facilities, so for a while, it became a disorganized and inefficient use of space. Laura came highly recommended and the patience, knowledge and skills she shared with us, helped us de-clutter and simplify our office space for better use. Laura is extremely organized, offers her knowledge and skills at an excellent price. Her recommendations are can create a customized, modern look for efficiency which is what she did for us. She is patient and incredible hard working, her projects show results in days and her professionalism is unmatchable. Lone Re-arranger is exceptional. (R. Sharma, Human Resources Director)

Oasis Centre Femmes logoLaura Kay transformed our old messy offices into a healthier work environment. Our downtown offices were in a state of confusion due to a turnover of staff and management in recent years. As a social service agency, the atmosphere was uninviting to both clients and uninspiring to the staff who treat them. With sincere dedication and an eye for detail, Laura Kay and her associates worked with us to plan and implement a new layout and redesign of our office spaces, redecorate and create functioning rooms for equipment and supplies . She helped reduce and relocate unneeded items so now there is more space with which to grow. There are now logical places for the things that we need to be productive and efficient. Our offices are such a pleasure to enter everyday. I cannot thank her and her team enough. (Directrice)


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